Weekly Local Dog Walks – Burt’s Diaries

25th April 2015

What a funny old week. We have been for some great walks into Tehidy Woods and across the dunes at Perranporth, but none has been as strange as the visit to Trevithick Day. Mom and Dad said this is ‘a celebration of local engineering genius, Richard Trevithick’. We went into Camborne and the streets were packed full of people. Rio and me found it difficult to weave in and out of the crowds without getting our feet stepped on, but everyone was really happy. There were people dressed up in old fashioned clothes with flat caps on and these huge big metal engines that made a lot of noise. The engines had big steel rollers on the front of them and smoke coming out of the top. They were massive. We then heard singing coming from a group of men. Dad said they were a ‘male choir’ who were singing some old songs and a crowd gathered round. I could smell lots of nice things to eat like burgers and sausages which were being cooked on the stalls that were laid out up and down the street. I tried to pinch a burger from this old mans hand but mom shouted at me! Rio started getting a bit stressed out with crowds but I was ok, that was until I heard bells and sticks cracking together. This was Morris Dancers, mom said which looked pretty silly to me as I just wanted to chase after the sticks. Rio wanted to get away from all the loud noises so we went back to the van and went over to Tuckingmill Park where I chased Rio so fast that we slid into Mom and she fell off her feet! That was another shouting at we got. We love our walks, can’t wait for the next one.

28th March 2015

The sun has been out here in Cornwall and the beaches have been glorious. Mom and Dad had a guest staying in The Annex this week. Meena had come to stay from the Midlands, I think that’s where my friend Cassie lives. I say Friend, but she growls at me every time I go near her. She likes Rio but Rio says she is old, (and miserable). Enough about Cassie. So, Mom, Dad and Meena took me and Rio down to Portreath Beach again. We played in and out of the stream and the sea and I played with a puppy. He was only small but could run fast and I chased him and he chased me and then Dad called us on as we were walking further across the beach over towards the harbour. I just love this beach, but Mom said me and Rio can’t ho on this beach during the day time from 1st April. We can go on it after 7pm at night though, so it’s a good job that the clocks go forward tonight so it will be light after 7pm and not too dark for a walk on this beach. I do love the beach and I know that Mom and Dad will be taking me to Perranporth beach as we can run on this beach all year round.

When we got home we found we had a new bed! It’s a comfy leather sofa. I’d better not chew this one.

21st March 2015

I love living by the sea! Mom and Dad take us for lots of walks through the woods, through fields, across cliffs, but my favourite place is the beach. Our nearest beach is Portreath and Rio and I love this place. We have a regular route that Mom and Dad take us on. It starts off at the Harbour where we walk quite closely to the harbour wall and it’s a long drop when the tide is out. We then go past The Waterfront Pub and across the small back beach, up the steps, across the car park and onto the big beautiful sandy beach. This week Rio and me found a big stick which was what dad called driftwood and we battled to see who could win the ownership of this stick. It was massive so we ended up sharing it and I held one end and Rio held the other as we ran alond the beach. That was cool! We ran across the stream on the beach over to the far end and up the path and the windy hill past the nice big houses and across the top of the cliff road. We left the big stick on the beach ‘cos I think we wouldn’t be able to get through some of the narrow spaces. Coming down the hill, I was surprised that Mom and Dad didn’t want to stop off at The Bassets Arms as Dad says they do a lovely pint of Thatchers Cider there. Not sure what that is but the water is good there for us too. Back up along the stream we are back at the van and back home. I love the beach. Can’t wait until tomorrow, we can do it all over again! 

28th February 2015

Rio and I have had another busy week. We have lots of garden to run around here at Vale House, but not far away is Tehidy Woods. This is massive and so exciting running through all the trees and mud and paths and puddles. There is lots of flat green grass next to the woods and people had sticks and kept hitting small white balls around which I wanted to chase and catch. Dad shouted at me to come back and said that I wasn’t allowed on the greens and called it a Golf Course called Tehidy Golf Course. I wasn’t to know! 

We ran through the woods and dad stuck to the paths and me and Rio got covered in mud. We got to a small river and Rio jumped straight in and lay down. She loves the the water and got a little cleaner and needed a rub down with a towel back at the van. Before we went back we stopped at a small cafe for a drink. It was lovely! And dogs were welcome so we had a nice big drink of water. I love our walks and there are so many different places to go and see. We love living in Cornwall.

21st February, 2015

Mom has been very busy this week, so dad took us for a great big walk and it was AMAZING!

We started at Portreath and headed onto the coastal path towards Porthtowan. This walk goes on for about 2.5 miles going past the old Radar Station and down 2 steep crevasses with lots of steps. I think Rio and I counted 104 steps up the second dip. It’s a good job that I am so fit! We got to Porthtowan and the beach looked amazing! The men on their boards were in the sea riding up and down the waves. I tried to chase them but I don’t really like the water, unlike Rio who bathes in all the rock pools and then chases me to get me all wet. We were very surprised when dad didn’t want to stop at the Blue Bar for a pint of Cider, but we kept walking up the other cliff and on towards St Agnes.

This way is very pretty. Rio and I ran and ran along the narrow paths. I daren’t look down or lose my footing as some of the steep drops would have landed me in the sea! Not far along this path is another beach called Chapel Porth, that’s what dad said. There is a cafe here where we had a well deserved drink of water. This walking is thirsty work. Further on there are these old buildings which I think they used to use for mining for copper and tin. I kept chasing Rio around the ruins and in and out of the littles tunnels which was so much fun. About 2 miles further on and Dad and Rio are starting to look tired, but not me. I have so much energy I can’t stop running! We eventually arrived at a beautiful village called St Agnes and Mom met us all at a great pub called the Driftwood Spas. Rio and me enjoyed a chance to have a lie down for half an hour whilst Dad rehydrated with a glass of the ‘golden juice’ and then mom drove us home. Thank goodness! We could not have walked any further. We slept very well that night!

12th February, 2015

Dad took me for a run this week to Perranporth Beach. I love this great big sandy beach. It seems to go on forever!!

We ran from the carpark on the sea front, over the bridge, past the pub on the beach – The Watering Hole, (Dad says this is a great pub. Especially in the summer when you can sit in the sun on the beach with a cider, apparently??) – then we ran very far down the beach then up onto the sand dunes which are massive and back towards the car. The weather was a little bit cold but the run soon warmed us up. This time of year the beach is very quiet so me and Rio can be as crazy and load as we like and we get to be off the lead all the way. Rio loves the rock pools and I love exploring the dark caves. When I bark, they bark back at me!! Strange I know but true.

Dad forgot to take some pictures of our walk, but he has some great pics of Perranporth. Wonder where we will be going next week? Oohhh, did mum just call me for dinner? ………..